CVMA MD 40-1 Mission Statement


Our overall mission within CVMA can be broadly summarized as veterans helping veterans. This is an all encompassing and worthy mission that can be completed on every level of individual, cultural, social, and political action.  It is also too broad for any one chapter.   For this reason, Maryland Chapter 40-1 has decided to place special focus on the crisis of veteran suicide in an effort to bring awareness and action to the public and veterans in our area to help stop this epidemic.

Suicide is one of the largest battles facing our veterans, and as of 2014, is the number one killer of our active duty service members. Every 80 minutes another veteran’s life is lost to suicide. Currently the death toll is greater and rises faster than when our veterans were deployed to active combat zones. In the United States approximately 7% of the population are veterans however, veterans account for 20% of suicides in America. This is indeed a cause worthy of our efforts as 40-1 and fellow veterans